Arlington, MA

Artisan Childcare Center in Arlington, MA offers infant and toddler care, which focuses on the arts and nurtures the child’s innate curiosity. Children in our learning programs enjoy fun and interactive learning that also helps them develop independent thinking as well as collaborative skills.

Each member of our faculty is highly trained, carefully vetted and committed to ongoing learning -- both for our students and for themselves as they add to their toolbox of teaching methods. Artisan works to foster a sense of community between our teachers, parents and the kids we all love.

At Artisan Childcare in Arlington, each classroom is designed to be a safe and appropriate place for children to explore and learn. And our curriculum incorporates many forms of childhood education, including intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.

It has been proven that exposure to the arts -- especially music -- at an early age helps to predispose children for later learning by fostering a longer attention span and even greater memory capacity. That’s why children of all ages receive daily music lessons at Artisan Childcare!

The arts are a major component of Artisan’s approach to early childhood education, not only because they make learning more fun and even enhance the child’s learning ability, but also because exposing children to the arts from a young age leads to their becoming adults who support and enjoy the arts.

Artisan is also committed to teaching our young students what it means to be “green” and committed to protecting the environment from an early age. Our students not only enjoy playing outdoors, but also learn about gardening, composting and recycling.

To learn more about Artisan Childcare Center in Arlington, contact us. We would love to have you and your child join our family!