Burlington, MA

At Artisan Childcare Center in Burlington, MA, we place an emphasis on the arts from an early age for a number of reasons: Not only does early exposure to music help children grow into supporters of the arts as adults, but music can also help their own future academic achievement by boosting the child’s memory capacity and attention span. For those reasons -- and because it’s just plain fun -- students at Artisan Childcare Center in Burlington enjoy daily music lessons.

Artisan Childcare in Burlington provides infant and toddler care and preschool for children ages six weeks through six years. Besides our emphasis on music, we also encourage curiosity and creativity in classrooms that are designed to be a safe, fun place to explore. Kid-sized furniture, fun learning tools and a variety of toys provide the right environment for children to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally. And our interactive curriculum helps children develop independent thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Our teachers are well-vetted prior to joining our faculty, and are committed to furthering their professional development. We also encourage regular communication between parents, children and teachers so that we can act quickly if a child-specific issue arises.

At Artisan Childcare in Burlington, we also help our little students develop a love of nature and the environment with our “Green” Initiative. Through learning to grow their own veggies for lunches and snacks, recycle, and compost, kids internalize the importance of being responsible and respectful to others and to our planet.

If you’d like to learn more about how the curriculum at Artisan Childcare Center in Burlington can offer your child a lifetime of benefits, please contact us and arrange a visit.