Wellesley, MA

Artisan Childcare Center in Wellesley, MA works with children aged six weeks through six years and offers infant and toddler care as well as a preschool program with a unique focus on music and art. Our hands-on learning nurtures each child’s natural curiosity and helps them develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to collaborate with others.

Each of our professional teachers and other faculty members is thoroughly vetted, highly educated and respected by our community of parents and children. We’re also committed to lifelong learning, and Artisan encourages all our teachers to continue their professional development.

Every classroom is designed to be safe and age-appropriate for the children who explore and learn there. From child-sized furniture to our wide variety of toys and learning aids, children are able to enjoy imaginative play while developing socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Because it has been proven that exposure to music at an early age helps kids to develop a longer attention span and even greater memory capacity, children of all ages receive daily music lessons at Artisan Childcare. We are passionate about the role of the arts in education -- not only because they make learning more fun and even enhance the child’s learning ability, but also because kids who appreciate the arts from a young age become adults who support and enjoy the arts.

Through our “Green” Initiative, Artisan Childcare Center of Wellesley helps our young students learn what it means to be committed to the environment and respectful of our planet and of other people. Our students not only learn about gardening, composting and recycling, but enjoy plenty of outdoor play time and fresh air.

To learn more about Artisan Childcare Center in Wellesley or to arrange a tour, contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your child!