Winchester, MA

Artisan Childcare Center in Winchester, MA offers infant and toddler care and preschool for children ages six weeks through six years. We place a special emphasis on the arts and music, and even offer our students daily music lessons. That is because early music education not only fosters a lifelong love of music, but can help the child’s future academic achievement: Numerous studies have found that exposure to music helps children to have better memory capacity and a longer attention span.

Along with music education, we offer other instruction in the arts and plenty of ways for kids to explore their environment and learn. Our classrooms have specially-sized furniture, along with innovative learning aids and toys, so children have a safe place to play and enjoy social, intellectual and emotional development.

Our interactive curriculum nurtures curiosity and helps children develop independent thinking skills, as well as problem-solving and how to collaborate with others. Our teachers are carefully chosen professionals, who are committed to constantly learning new ways of teaching children and helping them learn on their own. We encourage communication and trust between our children, teachers and parents.

Artisan Childcare Center in Winchester also helps kids learn about the environment through our “Green” Initiative. Children enjoy learning to compost, grow vegetables, and recycle.

If you would like to learn more about how the curriculum at Artisan Childcare Center in Winchester can offer your child a lifetime of benefits, please contact us to arrange a visit. We would love to meet you and your child!